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Since 1996, one of the projects of the CD-P-TO is the regular collection of international data on donation and transplantation through a worldwide network of health authorities and officially-designated individuals (focal points). This work is carried out and coordinated by the Spanish National Transplant Organization (ONT) and results in the yearly publication of the Newsletter Transplant. This publication collates data from almost 70 countries worldwide, including Council of Europe Member States, observer countries and observer networks, on donation and transplantation activities, management of waiting lists, organ donation refusals and authorized centers for transplantation activities. The Newsletter Transplant has evolved into a unique official source of information that continues to inspire policies and strategic plans globally, as well as ensuring transparency and international benchmarking.

Nowadays, the Newsletter Transplant database is connected with the WHO Global Database and other international data collection initiatives to avoid duplication of efforts. The collective data are included in the GODT.