Coordination and maintenance of the GODT

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The GODT website is hosted and maintained by the Spanish Transplant Organization (ONT). The ONT, as a WHO Collaborating Center, has to accomplish the following activities as regards the coordination and maintenance of the data and the GODT website:

  • To update and maintain the global network of the official focal points in the field
  • Collection of data through the officially designated focal points
  • To clean, perform analyses, validate and disseminate the results, as part of the Data management
  • To create charts and maps in order to visualize the data online through the GODT Website
  • To produce Annual reports
  • To provide data and other type of information in response to specific requests
  • To update the contents of the website, in addition to the information collected in the global database, such as the documents and links.
  • To collaborate in different studies and analyses performed with GODT data

The GODT team (ONT staff) works for keeping the contents of the website up-to-date and developing the technical aspects, such as producing the reports or carrying on statistical analyses with the data.